(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Sugary taste
1. sweetness, sugariness, saccharinity; sweetening, [barley, brown, cane, caramel, confectioner's, cube, granulated, icing, light or dark brown, powdered, raw, spun, or superfine] sugar, molasses, honey, sirup, syrup; saccharin, aspartame, sugar substitute, artificial sweetener, corn syrup, fructose; nectar; breath sweetener, cachou.
a. sweets, confection, confectionery, confectionary; fondant; icing, frosting; conserve, preserve, confiture, marmalade, jam, julep; licorice, jujube; caramel, candy, candy bar, candy cane, rock candy, saltwater taffy, cotton candy; nougat, nonpareil; lollipop, lemon drop, jawbreaker, jelly bean; chewing gum, chicle; sugarplum, bonbon, comfit, sweetmeat; halvah; taffy, butterscotch, bark, brittle; mint, spearmint, peppermint; marzipan, marchpane; chocolate, fudge, penuche, etc. Informal, sucker.
b. nectar, mead, liqueur, cordial, sweet wine, punch, soda [water or pop], lemonade, carbonated drink (see drinking).
c. dessert, pastry, pie, tart, cake, torte, cream puff, custard, pudding, etc.; ice cream, sherbet, frozen custard; zabaglione, gelato. See food.
3. lover of sweets. Informal, chocaholic.
Verbs — sweeten, sugar[-coat], candy, mull.
Adjectives — sweet, saccharine; dulcet, candied, honeyed; luscious, lush; sweetened; sweet as sugar, honey, or candy; sugar-coated, sirupy.
Antonyms, see sourness.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Sweetness of taste]
Syn. freshness, sugar content, palatableness, sweet taste, a taste like honey, flavor of honey.
2. [Figurative sweetness]
Syn. mildness, gentleness, docility, unselfishness, generosity, consideration.

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